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I experienced the first 12 years travelling, tattooing ”on the road” where I’ve got most of the inspiration for my creatures.
I’m now in Berlin,”old flame City”, here at ”Flashback Tattoo Studio” in Mainzer Straße 11 10247 Friedrichshain.
Still going places and Guest Booking around, when I’ve got the chance.
Custom Tattoos, large scale projects aiming to embrace the body, It’s what i like.
A Fantastic-Dark-Realism, everything attached to the wildness, obscure environments and sinister characters in motion, It’s what I prefer.
I also enjoy the Industrial Design, more static or symmetrical.
Smaller projects are welcome too, with the right proportions between design and placement.
Custom Designs , starting mostly from sketching straight on skin, made to flow and fit to one person’s body only.


Since developing ideas it’s meaningless where there is none,
since so many people involved in tattoos lately are working so hard to become perfect copies or perfect copymachines,
and because stories belong to persons like shapes to bodies,
I will skip all that belongs to the main tattoo factory today and stick to what really matter to me :
The Reason and the Design.
Everything starts from fantasies or necessities.
Coming with a solid reason to get tattooed gives meaning to the tattoo itself and brings smoothness to the whole process.
It makes it easier, from understanding the idea to the action on skin.
Good feeling plays definitely his role, determinant for a good start.

When you had a look at the gallery and considered all the info above, you can contact me on the addresses above on the right, e-mail or instagram,
or you can mail me to book a date here in studio to discuss your idea.
Every project must come with size and placement.

Custom Only
No Copies of projects from other artists, you want to have your own..

Thank you for watching