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Flashback tattoo Berlin-custom & walk-in studio
At the FLASHBACK- Tattoo parlour in Berlin´s Friedrichshain-district we´re enjoying very much what we´re doing .With 4 experienced and creative resident tattoo artists and occasional guest tattooists we offer all styles you might think of,such as realistic, traditional, comic, watercolour, graphic, abstract, dotwork, calligraphy, etc…We prefer to work out tattoo ideas in cooperation with our customers, however, if you want to bring your own design feel free to do so. Just come around, because a good tattoo should always be discussed personally. Appointments can be made on relatively short notice. Please note: We may do good tattoos but we don´t do piercings!
If you want to have an appointment for some detailed consultation regarding your idea before you are actually getting tattooed you may do so by phone, via e-mail or show up personally in our tattoo shop. Appointments for tattooing, however, are NOT possible by phone. Only by e-mail or personal contact. Please note that we do charge a deposit for each tattoo session. So, if you make the appointment by e-mail you´d have to transfer the deposit to the bank account of your chosen tattoo artist. Otherwise cash, of course. Please also note that in case of a cancellation of your appointment on your behalf  you will not get your deposit back. By the way, we start from a minimum price of 60 Euros.
You may find a first-class tattoo artist, if healing instructions are neglected it will not result in a good tattoo! The plastic bandage protects your tattoo from catching on dirt as well as sticking or rubbing on clothing during the first few hours. Bandage should be removed from your Tattoo after approximately 3 -4 hours. Subsequently wash the tattoo thouroughly using water and neutral soap and apply the recommended healing balm (usually Panthenol-cream). Renewal of plastic bandage after washing is optional. If you choose to do so, please make sure to frequently change it.
In the first couple of days there will be a scab on your tattoo. Do not peel off. It will  go away by itself.
In the following days the tattoo should be washed about 3 times a day using water and the healing balm should be applied right after. This stategy should be pursued for at least 2 weeks to come.
During the healing process of any tattoo itching sensations are completely normal. Do NOT scratch. rather pat tattoo with your flat hand.
Better stay away from chlorinated pools, saunas, tanning salons and bath tubs within a 4 week stretch after getting your tattoo. And don´t forget: A good healing process makes a good Tattoo!

A short history of FLASHBACK Tattoo Studio:
More than a decade ago, in 2001, our former “Big Boss”, Django, opened the FLASH tattoo studio at Mainzerstrasse 11, located in the former East Berlin working class district of Friedrichshain. Since then, countless tattoo artists working in a wide variety of styles have transformed skin into art and in doing so have contributed to the inviting and positive atmosphere that makes FLASH TATTOO parlour unique. During these past eleven years, we’ve witnessed the rise and fall of countless tattoo studios in Friedrichshain, but we’ve remained and continue to offer our customers sophisticated, bold tattooing with exacting standards—now and in the future.

But nothing ever stays completely the same, and our studio must now adapt to a new situation: Django’s decision to hang up his tattoo machine and set forth on a completely new life journey as a Buddhist monk. For the existing FLASH tattoo team this means that the tattoo shop will now be under collective organization and management. Figuratively speaking, those of us who were previously the sailors will now captain the ship. For this reason, since January of 2012, we have been operating under the name FLASHBACK Tattoo at our same location on Mainzerstrasse 11,Berlin Friedrichshain. The new name shows that while we’ve changed from Django’s original creation, we continue to honor his vision—only those who change remain true to themselves.

On our website, you can find detailed information about our international team. We urge you to browse through the artists’ portfolios, which show the unique tattooing style each artist employs.

We also continue to provide talented guest tattoo artists from all corners of the earth a good opportunity to show their skills in our Berlin tattoostudio . More detailed information about current and upcoming guest artists can be found in our webpage´s timeline or our facebook fanpage.